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Does NAPS provide EEO representation?

Unfortunately, no. 

What are the benefits of NAPS membership?

If you need a reason for joining NAPS, here are three: representation, information, and opportunity.  Over 26,000 NAPS members have representation where it counts–at Postal Service Headquarters and on Capitol Hill. Whether the issue is pay, benefits, or working conditions, you have a qualified group of professional advocates working on your behalf, especially in times of real need. For approved cases, NAPS’ Disciplinary Defense Fund provides a trained advocate for members facing removal, reduction in grade, and postal financial indebtedness (Debt Collection Act).

From the EAS employee’s perspective, members also receive information on legislation, postal policy, and ways of achieving your career goals. Area training seminars are held on a variety of topics. Our annual legislative training seminar in Washington teaches grass roots legislative techniques and provides information on bills of interest to members.

Perhaps most important of all, NAPS members have the opportunity of becoming better informed and more efficient, while making the USPS a better place to work. NAPS exists to raise the standard of efficiency, to widen the field of opportunity and to improve the quality of the work environment for those members who make the Postal Service their career.

Ready to join NAPS? 

Contact us today. 

After I submit my application to be a member, when am I eligible for member benefits?

NAPS HQ considers you a member of the organization after you and your branch officer have signed and dated your Form 1187.  You may participate in local branch meetings and events as soon as you submit your application to Sarah Stiles. 


Once your application is received at NAPS HQ, your information is entered into the NAPS membership database.  They make a copy of your 1187 for their records and forward the original to HRSSC for processing.  Once HRSSC has processed your 1187, your dues deductions will become active and your name will appear on the local branch membership reports.  NAPS dues will be indicated on your USPS pay stub as Union Dues - S.


Soon after HRSSC has processed your Form 1187, a welcome packet will arrive in the mail from NAPS Headquarters.  Your subscription to The Postal Supervisor magazine will also become active.  Please inform Sarah Stiles if your address changes so you may continue to receive your monthly magazine.

What is the Disciplinary Defense Fund (DDF)?

          Section 1. NAPS is committed to representing its membership in all areas, including adverse action. The Disciplinary Defense Fund (DDF) was established by the membership, for the membership, to provide representation for NAPS members in appealing adverse actions, RIFs and debt collection actions taken against them.
NAPS is a professional organization of supervisors and managers (as opposed to a union). Under this classification, NAPS is not obliged to defend each and every member, regardless of the charges they may face. The integrity of NAPS, both national and local, and the interests of the Postal Service must be considered when receiving a request for DDF advocacy.
          Section 2. The DDF only is to be used for active and associate members, including individuals who were members in good standing at the time of retirement. To be eligible for representation through the DDF, an active member must meet the following criteria:
“(a) the active member must have signed an application for NAPS membership sixty (60) days from the effective date of promotion from the craft, or “(b) the active member must have been a NAPS member no fewer than ninety (90) days prior to the charge being issued, and “(c) any additional criteria outlined in the ‘Disciplinary Defense Fund: Procedures and Guidelines for Branch Presidents’ in the NAPS Officer Training Manual.”
          Section 3. The DDF shall be administered by the Executive Board.
          Section 4. The NAPS resident officers shall review requests for evidentiary expenses resulting from a member's DDF representation, and, when deemed necessary, authorize payment in an amount not to exceed $1,000 above the normally authorized fees and expenses as outlined in "Disciplinary Defense Fund: Authorized DDF Provider" in the Officer Training Manual.

Questions? Contact us today, our team is always ready to help.

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