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Branch Executive Board
Duties & Responsibilities


          Section 1. The President shall preside at all meetings of this Association; appoint all committees and a Sergeant-at-Arms; fill all vacancies which occur prior to an Annual State Convention, subject to the approval of the Branch Executive Board; decide all questions of order (subject to Robert’s Rules of Order, Revised), and (appeal to the convention); enforce the laws and rules of the Association or Executive Board; make branch assignments and ensure Executive Board members perform their duties; remove from office, with Executive Board approval, any Executive Board member failing to perform his/her duties; and perform such to other duties as appertain to this office.

          Section 2. In the event of a permanent vacancy in the office of the President, through death, resignation or permanent disability, the Executive Vice President shall become the President.
If for any reason the Executive Vice President shall not be able to assume the duties of President, the Secretary or Treasurer shall assume the duties of the President. In the event that neither the the Secretary,Treasurer shall not be able to do so, the Executive Board shall meet and select a President, determined by two-thirds vote.

President’s Responsibilities:

• The president is the individual charged with representing branch members when the members have problems.

• The president communicates with higher-level management on behalf of the branch and individual members.

• The president develops a channel for open communication at various levels of postal management.

• The president appoints committees to accomplish tasks for the branch.


          Section 1. The Executive Vice President shall serve in the absence of the President.

         Section 2. The Vice President(s) is assigned the duties of Convention advisor and local branch advisor; in addition the Vice President(s) is assigned as advisor to the branch auxiliary as needed or requested.

         Section 3. The Executive Vice President shall assume such other duties and responsibilities as assigned by the President.


          Section 1. The Secretary shall keep an accurate record of the meetings of the Branch, including the Executive Board; shall have charge of all correspondence; and, shall be the statistician of the Branch.

          Section 2. The Secretary shall promptly dispatch all bulletins and newsletters, meeting notices and all other information pertinent to the membership. That all branch board approved meeting minutes be available 30 days after the approval. The Branch Secretary shall canvas the branch 90 days before convention for the number of delegates they will send, with Executive Board approval, and that the Secretary shall reserve a block of rooms for the convention delegation. 

          Section 3. The Secretary shall perform such other duties as the President of the Executive Board shall so order.


Secretary’s Responsibilities: 

  • Membership Rolls 

  • Correspondence

  • Record Keeping

  • Meeting Minutes


          Section 1. The Treasurer shall receive all monies for the Branch and deposit such funds in a bank or a federally insured financial institution approved by the Executive Board. The Treasurer shall maintain a complete file of duplicate deposit slips. The Treasurer shall issue receipts for cash payments or whenever a specific request is made for it. The Treasurer shall maintain a record of all Branch property in the possession of a Branch Officer.

          Section 2. The Treasurer shall disburse funds as directed by the Branch or Executive Board upon certification by the Secretary and President.

          Section 2b. Upon election of a new branch officer, records and materials must be turned over to their successor within one month of the said election. All accounts must be transferred to the newly elected officers within two weeks of his/her being elected to office.

          Section 3. The Treasurer shall submit prior to April 1st of each year necessary informational records to the IRS and Franchise Tax Board pertaining to receipts and disbursements during the prior fiscal year. The fiscal year established by this Association will end December 31st allowing closing to be made in all records which can then be audited and reviewed by the membership at the mid-year meeting.

          Section 4. The Treasurer shall perform such other duties as the President or the Executive Board shall so order.

          Section 5. The Treasurer shall prepare a budget for the upcoming year and a
copy of this budget be made available by December 1st each year.
The budget shall include proposed income and expenses for each account for
the upcoming year, to be approved by Executive Board.


Treasurer’s Responsibilities:

  • Maintains financial integrity of Branch

  • Prepares annual Branch budget

  • Pays expenses

  • Accounts for receipts

  • Handles checking & savings accounts

  • Documents all income & expenditures

  • Prepares all financial reports & Tax Returns

  • Other Duties

         – Branch Dues

         – Investment of Funds

         – Collection of funds at meal functions

         – Issuance of checks

         – Verify deposit of Dues Check-Off (DCO) & banking information


          Section 1. The Vice President(s), one (1) from each region, shall shall assume such other duties and responsibilities as assigned to them by the President.       

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