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History & Mission

With membership of approximately 26,000 active and retired United States Postal Service (USPS) supervisors, managers, and postmasters, NAPS promotes the prosperity of its members and the Postal Service.
NAPS' representation spans across the postal workforce, ranging from first-line supervisors who work both in facilities where postal employees process and deliver mail, to mid-level and senior managers in every functional area of the Postal Service as well as postmasters. NAPS members work in the field and also include postal employees from the marketing, finance, human resources, sales, maintenance, and various other postal departments.

NAPS is a management association, not a union. NAPS is unique among federal management associations in that its rights are statutory, with a high level of detail concerning its relationship with USPS. NAPS' rights are listed under Title 39, US Code, Section 1004.

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