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Branch Meeting


Officers Present: Steve Kobliska, Steve Provulsky, Ed Moore, Sue DIamond, Sarah Stiles


Meeting brought to order at 7l:15 pm by Steve Kobliska



     Last meeting it was discussed that we were going to have elections/nominations at 5/15/2019 meeting, as well as finances.. Steve motioned to adopt the minutes. Steve P seconded, All agree. Minutes adopted.


Officer's Reports:

     Treasurer: Balance $161, 483.90 including several accounts. Wise investments were made over the years.

$24,000 in account that is dormant.

Sue - Bank sent notice of dormancy. Bank told her what needs to be done.

$,4,200 to state dues

$4,000 to DDF due to representing someone we shouldn't,

Steve motioned to accept financial report. Sarah seconds. All agreed. Financial report accepted.


     Ed to Sue - Current DCO list for members to look at? Sarah - No, but can pass laptop around after meeting. Check to make sure info is correct

     Sue  - Explained DCO list, Can no longer use work email or interoffice email. Need personal emails. Need someone to help keep up bulletin board. Need new pics from events like network nights. Shows interested in mentoring and support for district.             Shahid volunteered to help with bulletin boards.


     Steve: Open nominations. Title will be announced. Anyone can nominate anyone, There must be a second to complete nomination. If no other nominations, person will be elected. All officers must be willing to represent. EVP and President must have been an officer, as they have experience. 

Nominations for Branch 244:

President: Ed Moore nominates Sarah Stiles, Shahid seconds

EVP: Steve Prevulsky nominates Steve Kobliska, Ed Moore seconds

Treasurer: Ed Moore nominates Steve Prevulsky, Shahid seconds

Secretary: Shahid nominates Rosa Vega, Theresa Salvador seconds

Sergeant-At-Arms: Ed nominates Delm Alarcon, Steve Prevulsky seconds 

AVP - Sarah nominates Ed Moore, Shahid Shaikh seconds

AVP - Steve Prevulsky nominates Shahid Shaikh, Delmy Alarcon seconds 

AVP - Delmy Alarcon nominates Richard Sigman, Sue Richard seconds

AVP - Steve Kobliska nominates Clarissa Bognot, Ed Moore seconds 

     No further nominations. All elected.

     Sarah - Outgoing board and incoming board need to meet before swearing in

     Steve K - We will hold a special meeting next month. Marilyn Jones will come to swear in new officers.

     Sue - We need to go through paperwork, and shred anything that needs to be destroyed. Sue will maintain access to office. 

New Business:

     Steve K. passing out Starbucks gift cards to members in attendance to use to take people to coffee to discuss joining and representation.

     Ed spoke about Legislative Training Seminar. Ed shared that we had an amazing time. We left the PMG speaking at the podium to get business done. Sarah went back second day with handouts. It doesn't end at LTS in DC. We need to visit Congress people when they are in their local office. Make an appointment, you'll probably see staffer as opposed to Congress Person. Tell them NAPS was in DC in in March, ask for support for bills. Congress person thinking how many votes will I get out of it?

     Sue - Mary wrote to NAPS HQ  and requested HQ to pay for Mary and Sue to go to a Brad Sherman event. HQ approved.

     Steve P has been working with Katie Hill.

     Steve K. - PO has not been looking kindly on us using Postal computers. Does anyone have an issue with branch buying laptops. No opposed. Passed.


     Theresa - New pay announcement sent out today regarding Field EAS. 


     Steve proposed a resolution to update signors on the branch Priority One account #: 414650. Ed stated that we need a letter of instruction. Resolution unanimously passed. 


Mary Burkhard

Jay Samuel

Shawn McClenehan



Steven Prevulsk

Stephen Kobliska

Sarah Stiles

Clarissa Bognot

Theresa Salvador


     Steve K. authorized to get an accountant.


     Steve K, - For all officers, when work outside of their job, give per diem All in favor. Passed. Yes for retired, Yes for active, if ethical. Sue or Ed will follow up with accountant.


     Steve K. - Pay Talks USPS grossly underpays EAS


     Steve K - Don't go into an investigative interview without representation. Letter of Concern cannot be used as discipline. If you receive a Plan to Improve Performance (PIP) - get rep to go over it with them. 650 of ELM states that you have the right to representation.

Sierra Coastal is a test site for new centralized delivery boxes.

Postal Pulse is on carrier scanners.

Be honest, don't put yourself in a position to get in trouble. Don't cheat and lie.


     Sue: How do representatives tell their manager know about representing? Steve K. suggested that we request that district leadership notify all EAS of newly elected officers. Let Labor know new officers.


     Ed - Discussion last meeting how Mary had made a personal donation to American Legion of $250. Ed motioned that NAPS Branch 244 donate $500 for Holidays, $250  and $250, total $1,000 annually. Poker tournament for holidays kids with single parents, incarcerated kids under 12, $250 District level gives Christmas party to VA hospital veterans, $250 scholarship fund to people who apply and awarded by selected process.

Sue - Mary donated personally. Not sure it's legal to donate from NAPS. Opposed        Delmy - Maybe we can vote on each donation amount individually

Steve K -  If we do on a yearly basis, vote each year

Sue - Don't know if we're breaking rules. Sarah agrees

Steve K: suggested to table motion until we get confirmation from CPA. All in favor. Motion to table passed. 


     Sue - Accountant is there for ethics questions and legality as well as taxes. 2 signors on checks. Accuracy is key.  


Adjournment: Steve K Motioned: 8:56 pm Steve P seconds. All in favor. Meting adjourned.

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